One of the ways to dig into readings, especially dense readings, is to look for anchor points. These anchors are bits of the text that stick with you, intrigue you and make you think, or generate questions for you.

This activity asks you to identify these anchor points in at least three readings over the semester. In order to complete these, do the following:

  • Create a blog post on your website (the section marked Daily Work) with the title of the reading that you are responding to.
  • In the body of your post, write 1-2 sentences introducing the reading and how it fits into our conversations about visual rhetoric.
  • Next, identify two specific quotes from the text. After each quote, write a few sentences explaining why you chose those particular quotes. Maybe they helped make sense of the reading; maybe they didn’t make sense. These quotes should be interesting, strange, revealing, eye-opening, or head-scratching. They should be significant to how you understand the reading, overall. However, they should not be the thesis.
  • Finally, you should conclude with two questions you have about the reading. These questions should ideally come out of your investigation of the quotes you chose.
  • At the end, include a full citation of the text (see the Readings Bibliography)

Once you are done, copy your front end URL to the submission form. Upload the form to the appropriate submission box (Q&Q 1; Q&Q 2; Q&Q 3).