Attendance Policy

We will meet face-to-face two days a week, although we will have a few “hybrid” days in which you work remotely. Our face-to-face days will include in-class activities that contribute substantially to your grade, so regular attendance is essential. I expect you to arrive on time, stay through the entire class time, and be prepared by having completed the assigned readings/class prep. For all class sessions, I will take attendance and apply the following policy:

  • You will be extended THREE absences, total, for the entire semester.
  • These absences do not need to be justified with me and can be used in case of sickness, schedule conflicts, or unexpected events.
  • Additional absences will result in your final grade being lowered by 1/3 of a letter for each additional day missed.
  • You are, of course, responsible for any materials missed during class. Additionally, certain in-class assignments may not be eligible for make-up.

Late Work and Extensions

As a rule, I do not accept late work; however I do grant extensions to avoid late work. If you ever find yourself needing an extension, my extension policy is: contact me AT LEAST 2 full working days in advance to give me time to respond. Include a potential new time frame for consideration. 

Submission Policies

All assignments should be submitted exactly as the assignment guidelines request. Because this is a hands-on, production inclusive course, it is likely that submission policies are meant to demonstrate some element of a given platform. If you ever face any setbacks or hiccups regarding any submission, contact me ASAP so that I can help you resolve it.

Gender Expression and Identity

This course supports people of all gender expressions and identities. If you would like for me to call you by a name other than the one identified in your course registration, please let me know. Additionally, please feel free to correct me on your preferred gender pronoun (he/him, she/her, they/them). If you wish to discuss this further, my door is open.